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Preparing a Property for Selling

Professional Support to get your Property ready for sale.

The property / real estate market is a fascinating place and there is no limit to the variations of how people can get it wrong. In our business we come across unbelievable attempts to sell a property profitably without doing anything for it. There are numerous publications about the performance of a due diligence process for buying residential or commercial property / real estate. Basically the preparation for a sale is just a revers of mirror image of the purchase but it is often not treated with nearly the same professionalism.

There are estimates that unclear or incomplete transaction documentation leads to price reductions of up to 15% - or in some cases the complete failure of the sale.

No matter at what scale a sale is negotiated; the game plan is always the same: A potential buyer likes a property but not its price tag. On bigger deals he employs an army of technical, legal and commercial consultants to find “risks” and arguments to reduce the price.

When you are selling, you need good and quick answers to all of these questions and arguments or your asking price is crumbling before you.

Bringing a wealth of experience from the performance of many due diligence exercises and property management we prepare your property or portfolio for an optimized sales process. This includes e.g.:

  • Physical property inspection with a resulting action plan and budget.property documentation
  • Documentation review
    • Legal
    • Commercial
    • Technical
  • with a resulting action plan and budget.

A decision to sell is often a reaction to a specific market situation, so speed to market is of great importance. A pro-active Asset Management will try to avoid these extra steps by having a complete "ready for sale" documentation at all times.

We assist property owners in setting up such an Asset Life Cycle Management in cooperation with the property manager. This model is scalable from one apartment block to multi sited portfolios.